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Dollmaker, Karin Neushutz states: "The Doll is special among toys, because it is an image of the human being. With the doll's help we can seek our own identity. We can reveal our own innermost thoughts, sorrows, and joys to our doll friend."

It wasn't long before we had families of gnomes. Then the sewing kits came as the girls began to want to make their own. The kits will be updated as the girls become more dexterous. Of course if there is a sewing kit you'd like, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.


Please take a look at the dolls hospital where we are able to repair and replicate cloth dolls.


I also sell postcard photographs of the dolls and Giclee prints of my own drawings.

The name Popcorn Snow was invented by our eldest daughter, when she was 5.


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