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You can call or email me at any point to discuss your repair.


Check the price list. It's a guideline but should give you an idea of the price.


Contact me by using the form at the bottom of the page, by phone, or by email. If by email please upload good clear photographs of the damaged area or the area to be altered.

I'll contact you to discuss options, how long it may take and exactly what sort of repair is possible.



When we have spoken and you decide to proceed post the doll to me. I'll then contact you to confirm that the alterations can be made. If, once I receive the doll, I find I am unable to carry out the repairs, then, at your agreement I will refer you to another dolls hospital or return the doll. No payment will be made until you have agreed to the work being done. If I'm unsure of my ability to do it well I won't take it on.



On receipt of payment the doll will be admitted into surgery. When I receive the doll I will to the best of my ability tell you how long the repair will take but please be aware that times may vary depending on how quickly I can source materials and their delivery times.

If payment is not received within 14 days the doll will be returned unaltered. I am happy to consider payments in installments.


During the dolls stay you can choose to receive 2 photo emails from your dolls spa holiday,

hopefully this will ease the visual transition of dolls belonging to smaller people and also give you plenty of oppurtunity to be involved in the process.



Dolls Hospital

Prices include return uk postage


Band 1 £100 plus

Repairs that are extensive

Band 2 £70 - 100

Longer repairs that maybe involve several different types of repair

Band 3 £50 - 70

Moderate length repairs like cleaning

Band 4 £30 - 50

Fast and simple repairs like seams and buttons


When one of my daughters was 2 she decided her doll Willow needed eyelashes, and more rosy cheeks and new hair. She decided to make these changes herself.

At 3, she decided that Willow looked better with more hair and What were all the scribbles on her face about!?

This time she left it to me. She'd started life with sensible plaits she's now fully stylable.


There are drawings of Willow's adventures on the 'Prints' page

Washing dolls is fun in warm weather when you're sure they'll dry quickly. When they need a more extensive deep clean it can sometimes be best to remove stuffing first, which is also a good time to make repairs. I'm happy to clean your soft toys for you.


I also make alterations, For example if, like Willow you have a fixed hairstyle doll but would now like hair that can be styled, a change of hair colour and or length or even a change of skin after a felt pen incident.

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