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Choose a good drying day or alternatively indoors in a well ventilated warm room


Use cool / just warm water and a spot of gentle soap.

Put the doll underwater and soak for a while, longer if very dirty. VERY Gently squoosh the soapy water in and out of the doll, too vigorously and you may cause irreversible lumpy felting as the doll is stuffed with raw, cleaned sheep wool.


Pour the water away, and press down gently onto the doll to squeeze out as much water as you can, but don't twist or wring the body.


Repeat with clear water. Do this a few times to get all the soap out. When the water runs clear, wrap the doll in a towel , gently squeezing to remove more water. Reshape the head and limbs if necessary. Leave the doll, face up, wrapped in a towel until the towel is soaked. Don't leave the towel to dry on the doll or water marks can happen. You'll need a good few towels as they soon get soaked.


This is fun to do together but for major cleaning we offer a washing service from £50 including return UK post. This would be for when the doll needs to have the stuffing removed before being washed.


I also make alterations, For example if your child has a fixed hairstyle doll but would now like hair they can style, a change of hair colour and or length or even a change of skin after a felt pen incident.



Washing Instructions


It is recommend that these dolls be surface washed where possible though of course if they're loved, which we hope they will be, they, just like their carers, are going to need a bath from time to time.

No matter how tempting, Please, Please, don't machine wash these dolls. The clothes yes, the dolls Never.