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About me


Popcorn Snow is a retail business specialising in hand crafted dolls in the Waldorf tradition.

It is run from our home in Bristol, UK, which we share with our 2 fabulous, home educated daughters, aged 9 and 13.


I trained as an artist and have always worked in that field.

The first dolls I made were for my own children. They were very popular and I enjoyed making them so I started making more.


In 2010 I sold them through craft fairs. These days I'm all online. Please click the links where you see them to go to my Etsy shop.







From November 2011 I also started offering doll making courses.


In 2012 I began an intermitant blog where I write about what I make when not making dolls, life as a home educating, small business Mama and what gives me inspiration.


In 2013 I introduced dolls clothing that can be bought separately.


2014 saw doll kits, maths process squirrel kits and flower crown or garlands.


2016 has seen the impressively successful Rapunzle and Elsa hair braids.


New in 2017 are doll kit instructions available as pdf downloads and personal avatar dolls, made from photographs of characters.


Please keep watching this website, it's always updated with my most recent projects. Web building is a work in progress and I'm learning as I go along. Any feedback humbly received


If you'd like any more information about us or our products please use the contacts page.


In Warmth


Catherine Whyte

About dolls

The gnome dolls are all filled with local Jacobs sheep fleece that we cleaned and prepared at home.

This got too time consuming for our family so now I buy ready cleaned and carded wool.

All the dolls skins are from cotton Interlock/Tricot from the Netherlands. Their inner skins and their clothes are currently made from upcycled cotton fabrics from my clothes remaking horde.

All threads, unless stated, are cotton.

I make these dolls to both the British and European toy standards. Safety files available on request.


Where possible I use recycled/ biodegradable and / or organic packaging.


I also sell kits to make the tiny gnomes and to make bigger dolls too.

The felt in these kits is pure wool


Hair is made from pure wool yarn, though with some of the dolls featured I have used cotton/wool blends too.


When asked I am happy to use synthetic, vegan fibres if prefered.


Most Patterns are entirely my own. Where I have used another doll makers pattern I always give them credit.


I'm occasionally asked, why 'Waldorf style' dolls?


This type of cloth doll originates from a strong European tradition of doll making.

Germany was the leading doll manufacturer in Europe in the 19th and early 20th century, dominating the doll market in Europe and further afield with 'Kinder Dolls'.


In Europe and later America this type became known as a 'Waldorf Doll', because of it's ongoing connection with Steiner education, long after the method was overtaken by plastic mass production.

Communities and Schools based on Rudolf Steiner's methods, were established across the globe and the tradition of making this particular type of doll continued alongside the education.

Today, simple toys made from natural materials are once again growing to be recognised as being of great importance for the wholesome development of young children.


Reviews and Testimonials

"Wonderful baby and seller! This baby just melts in your arms! So realistic feeling. Lovely seller to deal with! Could not have asked for a better seller!"



"Easy Sew Lavander Gnome Bag Kit was utterly Lovely!"



"Red Heart Gnome Badge, Gorgeous item! And very quick postage. Thanks very much :)"



"The baby doll you made me  was Super cute and carefully packed, obviously made with lots of love:) Quick shipping! Thank You so much!"



"Perfect. Catherine was so fun to create with. She worked hard to make sure we were going to get what we wanted. She created such a wonderful doll that is so finely crafted. As someone who sews, I am impressed with not only the doll, but with the hand made clothing (cloth diaper included!). My daughter loves her doll and didn't take one look back at the warped plastic one she dragged everywhere (as I diposed of it). Now my four year old wants one too! Really beautiful, thank you Catherine"



"This was a beautifully made doll. It was just what I wanted and then some. The clothes were wonderful especially the hand knit hoodie. My grandson loves it and plays with it all the time."

BN Sheafor


Wow, this (outfit) is so cute! I like how it's reversible and the designer put nice details like the little bow and ribbon on each side, but not just a mirror image; the other side has a slight twist so it doesn't look so obviously reversed :)