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Choose from 5 different skin tones.

Specify eye colour and whether you'd like a nose.


Please say whether you want mixed yarn hair or single yarn, straight or curled.

Choose a shirt and trousers, dress and knickers, or dungarees.


Please give me as much information as you can


Let me know the approx age the doll should represent. For example, a four yr olds body is around three times the height of their head, whilst a six year olds body is around four times the height of their head.


Faces are embroidered. Each doll is clothed in underwear and has shoes and socks. Bodies are stuffed in carded sheep wool. The heads are made with shorter fibre wool to make them firmer. The bodies are firm though not so dense, giving them a bit of cuddle. This and the simple design makes this doll a really good choice for a younger child


These dolls are made to UK and EU toy safety specifications. Files available on request.

From top to bottom




Red brown



These dolls cost £115

These 'T' dolls are excellent 'First' proper dolls for children aged 2yrs and up.

Their arms reach out to hug, which also makes them easier for young people to dress. Their clothing reflects this too, often being elasticated or with easy fastenings. Dolls are around 30cm /12" tall

These dolls are around 41cm / 16" tall. They differ from the T dolls because they can sit up unassisted and have turned feet, which are better for shoes.