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We thought Willow was lost but she was tucked away on the sand dunes filling sand timers with sand. She saw all the Spare Time lying there for the taking.

When Willow needed remodelling I tried to be as gentle as I knew how. The sun was shining, the window was open. Can you see her in the garden? Taking a break from her tormentor.


If you can't see her too clearly have a look at the print reproduced in my Etsy shop by clicking on this link.

Mapper 7 Secret Wonders of Bristol

Made to accompany the project of the same name www.sevensecretwondersofbristol.co.uk/


Made for the Escape exhibition by Ink-Dot

Spare Time

Made for the Spare Time exhibition by Ink-Dot

Mapper St Werburghs

Resolution - A Happily Ever After

Made for Resolution an exhibition by Ink-Dot

Mapper Hotwells